• Bose A20 (Lemo 6pin) to Airbus Adapter / Connecter

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    The MG-51 Panel (LEMO) to Airbus XLR Plug Adapter Without Battery Power is designed for Panel Mount (LEMO) Headsets that have integrated battery boxes to power the headset when not connected to the panel.

    At this time, this includes only the Bose A20 Headset and the David Clark PRO-X line of headsets. This adapter converts your Headset with Panel Mount (LEMO) connector for use in an Airbus XLR Jack.

    This adapter will not work with other Panel Mount headsets unless they have a battery-box to power the ANR - most other Panel Mount headsets do not have this feature.

  • Audio interface, adapter cables for headphones
  • This is a Panel Mount (LEMO) to Airbus XLR Adapter.
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