• 1UTech - A20 Ear Cushion

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  • Earpad for headphones
  • It fits flawlessly and is extremely comfortable, and doesn’t compromise the noise cancellation at all. Whether you use your headset for both long and short haul flights, or fly on helicopter or extremely loud Air Force jet, this A20 ear cushion works just fine and noise cancellation great.
  • They look and feel just like original a20 replacement ear pads. After several hundreds of flight hours, they are still performing as new, and you won't see any sign of wear.
  • Aviation X ear cushions ONLY compatible with Bose A20 A10 Aviation X Headsets. NOTE: the foam inserts are for Aviation X, NOT for A20.
  • These are great alternative for the very expensive original aviation headset replacement parts, they are in some ways more comfortable than the original parts, the leather is good quality, fit is excellent. About 1/2 the price of OEM replacements.
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